Host and Creator, Gretchin Irons, was new to Evansville. She quickly developed a Passion for the city, and was surprised to hear that "Nothing is happening in Evansville." She decided that something had to be done to prove people wrong, AND to encourage them to Connect to their own city. 
  She began "The Best Day Ever Evansville", and The Movement, as a way to Promote the individuality and flavor of the city. She now writes, directs, schedules, and produces the entire channel!
Catch her WEEKDAY MORNINGS ON MY 44 NEWS, and Fridays on 44news at 7am for the Hottest events in town!

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Gretchin Irons

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Phillip Seitz

   Fans will recognize drew from his many appearances in sketches on "Not Your Mama's morning show". drew also helps write, assists with Pre-production, and is the new regular guest on NYMMS.

​Find him beating the drums for "Rare Dog Days"and "salt the earth"!

Crew Vlogs:

Philip is the Director of Video Production at Mediaworks Advertising and Video Editor at Random Acts, and  has been an invaluable Volunteer since literally Day One. 

He continues to train and advise Gretchin...thankfully.